Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A day in the life of a blogger, student, vintage lover, kitten wrangler, and er...ugh, fiancée

Remember my reluctance to say this word? Remember this post? I just feel so stupid saying it as it really doesn't reflect our relationship. I was toying around with the idea of using 'lover' but that just makes me think of 70's swingers, so I'm stuck. This is in no was a rant post. Please don't click away!

Since the fall semester started I've been busy, I've had a lot of homework. School doesn't leave me with a lot of time to tend to all of my interests and spend time with Jeremy. I've found that I have to do a lot more planning now. I have a planner, a blog planning notebook, a notebook for my purse, for general ideas, a diary...it's madness

This is only a smidgen of the journals I write in almost daily. 

I've started to plan dates for Jeremy and I to go on. We are both students and Jeremy works nights, so we have very little money and only a couple times a day when we are both coherent enough to spend time with each other. So, planning is key! Jeremy has off Monday nights so I planned a date for the night. I bought all the ingredients for a fantastic Japanese inspired dinner when I went grocery shopping on Friday and I planned a night around it.

I've never met anyone that enjoys Mondays and I've never met anyone that didn't wear more than one hat. I feel like I play thousand different roles each day. Yesterday,  I woke up at my Mommom's house,since I sleep there half the week and at my house the other half of the week, and I went to school. I am a Graphic Design major and I stupidly saved my general education courses for the end of my time at school. I am with a lot of people fresh out of high school and while I get some laughs out of it most of the time it's exhausting. For me, being around people is exhausting. I like talking to friends and going out but it gets tiring after awhile.

When I was all finished up at school I went home, so I could attend to kittens, Ginger, homework, the 400 programs Jeremy and I have saved on Netflix, my much neglected Yoga practice, and the headline of our evening, our dinner date! I have a big history quiz to study for tomorrow so I decided to to fit some extra study time in while I cooked the brown rice.

Sorry if I shattered any illusions you may have had but I don't study in a dress and pearls.

I got dinner ready, typed, researched my interests, studied world civilization and watched two kittens and Ginger in a frenzied two hours. I was so excited when it was time for dinner! I made something simple but delicious. I boiled some brown rice and added a bit of rice vinegar. Then I boiled the seafood medley which included octopus, shrimp, muscles and scallops. While all of this was going on I microwaved frozen mixed veggies. After everything was finished I put it on a plate separately, per Jeremy's request. I then added some sweet and sour sauce to the side of each of our plates.
I think he was just happy we weren't having tacos. Incidentally we're having Tacos tonight.

We get dressed up for our date nights at home. My Mommom told me that when her and my Poppop were first married they used to do the same thing on a regular basis. I wore a beaded dress that I picked up at the Vineland Salvation Army. I went to buy school clothes and only school clothes. I walked away with a beaded evening dress, I'm not sure what school I think I'm going to.
Where the magic happened. 

Ginger wanted to dine with his parents. 

My jewels. The necklace was a birthday gift from Jeremy from "A Blast From the Past". The earrings I've had for ages and I really don't remember where I got them and that's my engagement ring.
After dinner Jeremy went to bed, he was tired from working the previous night. So we extended our date into today. So I bid you adieu readers. We're going to watch Monty Python's Flying Circus and then have a taco dinner. 

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  1. The jewelry is absolutely beautiful- I love the dress as well.