Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly links post.

This links post is going to be packed with photos, I helped my Mommom clean last week and I found some treasures. My favorite find was a little paper cookbook given out by the Shop Rite chain of grocery stores.

As soon as I saw the graphic on the cover I was instantly reminded of the beautiful graphics on The Glamorous Housewife. The Glamorous Housewife does it all! Her blog tag line is "Inspiration for Living" and she truly is inspirational and such a nice lady. I sent her the cover image as soon as I found it and she said it was the look she was going for. I'm glad that the vintage community is so sociable, we are all willing to share with each other. 

Here are some more images from the cookbook. 

Isn't this bunny adorable!

                 The Glamorous Housewife, this reminds image really reminds me of your website.

This was the only photo in the cookbook that I found a bit...odd. 

I have a feeling I am going to experiment with this cookbook pretty soon, there are so many interesting dishes!

Vintage hats have been on my mind for quite a while. Hats are the only way to look like a put together lady especially if you are going for that 00s to 50s look. No one had ever taught me to properly wear a hat. The only hats I knew about were winter hats for function, not style. My Mommom and a lot of other amazing vintage bloggers have been my guide through the world of vintage hats!

Tuppence Ha'Penny's blog gave me a good beginner guide to wearing vintage hats ( Wearing a 40s fascinator is different than wearing a baseball cap and these are skills that aren't readily passed down to women now. Her blog is amazing and you should all check it out!

This is a camel hair coat I got from my Mommom, it was her mothers. I bought the hat at Twice Loved Treasures in Vineland. 

                                        This was the dress I wore at Christmas and my foxes!
The top view of my hat with my three hat pins. My Mommom never heard of anyone putting three hat pins in their hat but I wanted it to be secure!

If anyone has any tips on hat wearing I would love to know! I hope you all enjoy the links this week. I know I usually have more but I think you'll want to explore these two blogs for awhile. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Obsession with scents.

Hi, I'm Megan and I am a perfume junkie. I love practically every perfume there is with a few small exceptions (I can't stand Poison by Dior, sorry). I love body sprays from Bath and Body Works as well, especially the ones with glitter, everyone loves glitter. 

Vintage clothing is great when the garment comes with a story. Perhaps your Grandmother passed her favorite cocktail dress down to you and she told you all the fantastic things that happened while she was wearing the dress. It turns something many see as just a dress into a dress with a rich history and a bonding tool between two people. Perfume can be the same. Many perfumes that people wear today have been around for over 30 years. My Mother wore Cinnabar in high school and I began to wear it then too, we bonded over perfume. My Mommom wore Chanel number 5 and so do I, when I wore it around her the first time she told me about how Poppop would go out and buy it for her. Scent is a big memory trigger, a whiff of perfume can bring back a flood of memories. Think about the perfume you save for special occasions, one day a whiff of that will bring all those good times.
(Photo via

Much like what I said about dressing in the post titled Let's Pretend, the right perfume can make your confidence soar. You can be a sophisticated lady one day, and a bombshell the next. The book "The Bombshell Manual of Style" by Lauren Stover dedicates an entire chapter to perfume, listing and describing in detail scents that will bring out your inner bombshell. One perfume on the list is Shalimar by Guerlain. Shalimar is a beautiful powdery scent that has it's own love story attached to it. The perfume is named after a garden built at the Taj Mahal by an Indian emperor that adored his queen. 

Even the bottle is gorgeous!

I like to change my perfumes with the seasons. I wear heavy spicy scents in the fall and winter like Cinnabar, Halston, and Opium. In the spring I break out Red Door by Elizabeth Arden, even Shalimar is light enough for the spring and summer months. I always save my Chanel No. 5 for special occasions, and I'm sure it brings out the confident bombshell in everyone. 

Have you bonded with a family member over perfume? Do you have a treasured scent that your mother or grandmother wore? 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weekly Links Post

Greetings from the winter wonderland that is south Jersey! Here are some great links to keep you entertained for hours if you are snowed in like I am.

I have been wanting to learn to sew for a long time, now that I have a sewing machine the only thing that is stopping me is getting patterns and fabric. At The Vintage Pattern Files you will find sewing and knitting patterns from the 1900s to the 1970s

(via Vintage Pattern Files and Sewing Vintage)
I want to get some fabric and make this bed jacket. I already have a black 1930s bed jacket but it's a little fragile so I want to make a new one. 

The bed jacket is reversible but the pattern side is fraying a little. 

The thrift crawl I went on this past Saturday was a part of celebrating National Thrift Week. I found this website that will give you a complete education about National Thrift Week. ( There are plenty of links within the site so set some time aside to explore. 

Another site that is amazing but time consuming is Collectors Weekly. There are articles about vintage fashion and culture. There is even a great show and tell section where you can show off your goods. (

I hope you all enjoy the links and prepare to spend hours on them. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Celebrating National Thrift Week.

Yesterday I participated in a thrift crawl with Sammy Davis and Christina of Philly Diva. Unfortunately, Christina couldn't make it due to personal reasons. It would have been nice to meet her. The crawl was also sponsored by the Institute for American Values and the Goodwill

I was so nervous on the drive to the meet up spot at the Cherry Hill mall. I usually don't go out with other people and I tend to hermit. So going out with a group of strangers and a blogger that I've admired for a long time was nerve wracking. It's easy to be confident online, it's different in person. Anyway, I got out of the car and approached the group fellow thrifters, and met Sammy Davis. She is such a warm and fun lady!
Ready to leave for the thrift crawl!

We went to three Goodwill shops, one in Pennsauken, Stradford, and Bellmawr. I found so many treasures in each shop including a Lilly Pulitzer dress with the tags still on it! It was originally $198 and I got it for under 5 dollars!

In the dressing room at the Stradtford Goodwill with my prize!

There was such a feeling of camaraderie in the group, we were all fellow hunters for thrift store treasures. If someone found something someone else might like they held on to it and gave it to them. When we got on the bus after visiting each shop we all dished on what we bought. This was by far the most fun I've ever had on a thrifting trip, and I've been thrifting for a long time. 

 This people were so awesome! Everyone was so nice and outgoing, we all bonded over our love of thrift shopping. (Photo borrowed from Sammy Davis's facebook page)
I met Jasmine, she had her first thrifting experience on this trip. She was with her mother and I had a blast talking to the both of them. 

We spent our lunch break learning about the history of National Thrift Week. Thrift Week was started in 1916, it begins on January 17th which is Ben Franklin's birthday. Thrift week faded out in the mid 60s when consumerism became such a big thing and it was reinstated in 2011.

I'm so happy my passion for thrift shopping has led me to yesterday's thrift crawl. Sammy Davis explained that thrift fashion is all about self expression and creativity and she is absolutely right. I would never be able to play with my style as much as I do if I didn't thrift, more people should join the thrift revolution and I can't see why anyone wouldn't! 

I was elated to meet her and go thrifting!

My Mommom is holding up some of the great things we received in our goodie bags. We also received the indispensable encyclopedia of Thrift. 

I got this gorgeous bubble gum pink skirt yesterday at the Pennsauken Goodwill and I paired it with my Mommoms's beaded sweater to go out today. 

Here's some detail from the sweater and a pair of gorgeous earrings that my Mommom gave me. 

Have any of you ever participated in a Thrift Crawl or do you bring a group of people to thrift with? What does National Thrift Week mean to you?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Like a Glove.

Lets talk gloves. Now, I know that now ladies don't wear gloves unless it's winter time but in my opinion gloves add glamour to your everyday outfits. Women used to be required to wear gloves whenever they went out in public and there were lists of rules for women to follow when wearing their gloves. Any vintage lover needs a good set of gloves for day and evening.

A small portion of my glove collection. 

I have been scouring the internet for glove etiquette and I hope I can give everyone a good beginners course in glove wearing. 

I visited Sweet Trash's blog this afternoon ( and there was a very good guide for glove wearing. 

For everyday outings like grocery shopping, meetings, visiting and going to lunch short white or mid arm length gloves are appropriate. 

I am a list person, information is better to me when presented in a list so here are some glove etiquette facts that I've learned. 

  • The only acceptable jewelry to wear over gloves is a bracelet. Wear your rings under your gloves.
  • Evening gloves go over the elbow and sometimes they can extend up to the mid upper arm. Satin evening gloves should ideally match the color of your gown. 

  • When eating take your gloves off and never place them on the table, instead place them on your lap and place them on your napkin. Put them back on when you are finished. 

Does anyone else have any glove etiquette facts? If you are in your twenties like I am then your mother probably did not pass any glove etiquette down to you so it is up to you to mine your Grandmothers or the internet for information. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two South Jersey shops that everyone should visit.

I have been looking for some new antique/vintage shops to visit this month and I have two great shops to tell you all about. My dream town would be one that has antique shops every few feet and shops that sell vintage clothing. There would also be some sushi places and mexican restaurants, oh and a video store! Sorry, I am prone to going on tangents like that. Anyway, this Monday I visited a new thrift shop in Buena called "Wise Buys" it's on Wheat Road. When I walked in to the tiny first room of the shop there was a huge collection of vintage Christmas decorations. There was also a shelf full of cocktail glasses and other assorted glassware. Everything on the shelf was gorgeous but I had to stay away, I'm a sucker for glassware and my little bar cart is overwhelmed with glasses.  I was a little disappointed when I walked in, from the little room you walk into when you enter the shop it's a little hard to see into the huge room that is the rest of the store. I was overwhelmed with all the treasures in the shop. The owner said she adds new items everyday. I saw a cute 60s mini dress that I tried on and loved but couldn't buy since it wasn't in my budget. "Wise Buys" is a must visit shop for anyone near Vineland and Buena. I picked up two vintage Christmas ornaments.

Today I was driving around Glassboro in the middle of a beautiful snow shower. I was on Glassboro road and I passed a small antique shop that I've passed countless times and each time I passed I made a note to stop in sometime and today was the day. The shop is "Ternay's Shop in the Woods", it's a cute little shop and the owner told me that the shop is expanding soon. I can't believe I waited so long to visit, the store is amazing. They have everything from tea sets to vintage magazines. I walked around studying everything and then my eyes fell upon the tiny perfume display. I am a perfume junkie, there are enough bottles of perfume on my dresser to last 100 years. I ended up purchasing two bottles of Evening in Paris perfume. Evening in Paris is a light powdery scent, it can work in all seasons.

 The two little bottles are displayed on a pretty white fur wrap that I picked up yesterday at Twice Loved Treasures. I went there for fabric for my first sewing project and left with the wrap and no fabric. Aren't the buttons pretty?
Here are the two ornaments from Wise Buys. I've been looking for ornaments like this all winter.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Weekly link post.

I want to try something new. There are so many great blogs and articles that I encounter each week and I want to share them. So each week I will (try) to share with you the best links I've seen all week.

Yesterday I spent the morning looking at a stack of unread "Look" and "Life" magazines spanning from 1966-1972. Each issue is so entertaining, from the inane letters to the gorgeous photographs, to the ads. True to their time, each issue is packed with cigarette ads and a lot of them are completely hilarious! The alcohol ads can be pretty out there too but I will save those for another post. (a site I visit daily) has a really funny article all about how bizarre vintage cigarette ads were. 5 insane trends from vintage cigarette ads

While watching Turner Classic Movies one morning I discovered this great vintage blog: Vintage Powder Room

Have you ever read a vintage cookbook or glanced through a women's magazine from the 50s, 60s or 70s and noticed that some of the food looked inedible or some of the recipes are just really bizarre? You are not alone, check out The Mid Century Menu and if you are really brave you can try some recipes on the worst list.

I hope you've enjoyed my first link post. I spent today cleaning some jewelry my Mommom gave to me . Silver polish is a tool that every vintage and antique collector needs in their toolbox.

 A pretty little tarnished bracelet
Many nasty looking coffee filters later

It came out so beautiful

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fashion Editorials from "Look" and "McCalls"

I've been going through my massive collection of vintage magazines and the images in them are so good I have to share. Unfortunately my scanner is too small to fit the magazines so I have to take the photos with my camera so the quality isn't all that great. Here's some inspiration for you all from 1969 and 1970, enjoy!

A 'Sears' ad in the February 1970 issue of McCalls. This would be a perfect coat to bridge the transition between spring and summer. The green color is refreshing after all the dark winter colors. 

These next photos came from the same issue. They are part of a spread called "The Petite Prints of Paris"

I love the outfit on the left. The belt looks like it has little golden keys as an accent. Also, clips on blouses and dresses need to make a comeback. 

I can't say I'm a fan of these looks but I love the chokers. This signals the 70s edwardian revival. 

These next three images are from the December 1970 issue of 'Ladies Home Journal'
I would wear either of these crocheted outfits. My Gran tried to teach me to crochet when I was little but I just couldn't get it. 

This is such a gorgeous hairstyle that wouldn't look out of place at a party today. Although there is nothing wrong with looking dated, it never bothered me. 

I love the metallic accents in the knitting. 

The final images are ads from the April 29,1969 issue of Look magazine. I have quite a few issues of Look and they are a delight to look through. 

 Here's a close up shot of the Admiral television ad. Isn't this a great hairstyle? Alos , look at those fantastic sleeves on the outfit of the girl in the ad!

It's unfortunate that the models legs were cut off in this Chevrolet ad but her outfit is beautiful. I love the rich colors and the large gold buttons on her coat. 

There are so many cigarette ads in vintage magazines. I really love this models outfit and I'm not a huge fan of purple but I would wear this. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Let's pretend.

Sometimes a quote sticks in your head and you begin to repeat it over and over again in your mind. As this quote plays on repeat in your inner monologue you begin to see why it's stuck with you so long, it applies to you! It describes you so perfectly it's eerie.

This has happened many times to men and I'm sure I'm not alone. This time the quote that stuck with me was this one by Kate Spade. "I think that dress up begins at age five and truly never ends"

Think about when you were a child, boy or girl, it doesn't matter we all played pretend and for many of us that meant putting on a cape and pretending to be a superhero, or a crown to be a monarch. I used to have a dress up chest where I would keep tutus, fairy wings, costume jewelry and halloween costumes. I'm not sure when I stopped playing pretend with my costume chest but I always kept playing dress up in some way. I still dress up for Halloween and I always always will but that's only for a holiday. When I think of playing dress up now I think of the times I spend dressing. The act of dressing is something that has sadly fallen by the wayside in modern times and it's something that I find most enjoyable.

Remember when you would play dress up? You would pick the character you wanted to dress as and you would select your best outfit and accessories to play that character. For me, this carries into adulthood and I imagine that if you really think about it you do the same thing.

When I get dressed in the morning I always take into consideration how I'm feeling that day. Am I in a swinging 60s mood or a 50s bombshell mood or one of the five thousand other moods I can have. I pick an outfit that reflects my mood and I assume that character for the day. The right outfit really does make all the difference, it changes the way I carry myself. Some people dismiss the idea that an outfit can make a difference in the way you see yourself and the way you present yourself. Some people think that you need to spend a fortune to look your best. The way I see it both of these attitudes are wrong.

Anyone that knows me personally knows I can make a complete outfit for under 20 dollars so anyone can go hunting at a thrift shop to find a dream outfit. You're saving money, looking good and creating less waste so no one loses.

Now to the people that think an outfit can't make a difference, I want you to know that I'm not one of those people that wraps my self worth up in the way I look. Clothes wont make you confident  but they can amplify it. Different outfits can amplify the mood I'm in that day. If I'm feeling sexy I take out my 40s pencil skirt and pair it with a sweater and a bullet bra. If I'm feeling playful and young I pick a 60s mini dress. Think about how you're feeling and pick pieces to accent your mood.
An outfit I pick when I'm feeling playful and young (and it's warm out)- from Devil Dog Photography.

So readers, do you still enjoy playing dress up?