Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Megan's music Tuesday.

It's Tuesday and you know what that means! Music post! I've been a bit lax with these the past couple of weeks, sorry.

We've had a splendid 3 days of marriage so far. We have received a couple of negative comments though and I'm trying not to let it spoil how happy I am. I've had a newlywed glow the past couple of days, it's great for your skin. I'm trying to ignore the comments but they really hurt. It's sad that people try to belittle and destroy what they don't understand, hopefully one day these naysayers will learn. This is a very revealing time though, some people are really revealing their true character.

Ignorant comments aside, we're having a ball! We have a big weekend planned, we're going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show and my sister is having a Halloween party! I know what you're all thinking, get to the music already!

Today I'm going to post some of my favorite love songs and a couple songs that Jeremy and I played at our wedding.

Let it be Me-Bobby Darin
Did you really think there would be no Bobby Darin? This is such a beautiful song and it's what we chose to be our song.

Now we're one- Bobby Darin
This is the last one I swear! This is such a happy song.

You Baby-The Turtles

The Turtles are fantastic! If you haven't listened to them beyong 'Happy Together' then you are missing out.  This is one of my favorite love songs. It's so upbeat and fun, great to drive to. 

Love you till the end- The Pouges

This is a beautiful tune and it's on my list of favorite love songs. I love that soft guitar and the build of the song. 

I hope you enjoyed this short Tuesday music post. What are your favorite love songs?

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