Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My weather is finally here!

I thrive in the Fall and Winter. I enjoy Spring and I despise Summer. I love being cozy with Jeremy, mulling cider, walking around in the cloudy fall days, I love everything about it! Fall officially started on September 23 and I have been waiting ever since then for the weather to feel truly like Fall. Today, it finally happened! The leaves are already changing color and falling and I love to see the fiery hues of the trees and I love to feel the crispness in the air. I am also happy that I can break out my vintage fall finery, and today I did just that!

I bought this thick polyester drop waist dress over the summer at the Vineland Salvation Army. I place it as being from the 60's. Drop waist dresses came back into style in the 60's, it was an echo of the 1920's. The handbag was from 'A Blast From The Past' in Vineland. It's has a plastic tortoise shell styled handle and the bag itself is furry! It's a very unique accessory and got me many stares at the grocery store today. The shoes were my Mommom's, I told you she has fantastic taste!

I thought the front of my house would be a nice setting for photos. I love Fall colors, the orange of the pumpkins and the browns and reds of the leaves. 

My Mom planted these pretty mums and look how lovely the leaves on the Dogwood tree behind me are!

Today, Jeremy and I went grocery shopping and I popped into a thrift shop. I didn't buy any clothes at the shop but I did buy Maureen McCormick's book. Yes, Marcia Brady wrote a fantastic memoir, I couldn't put it down and I'm half way finished. I recommend it to anyone who has watched The Brady Bunch. Then we went to Shop-Rite in Vineland and got a few odds and ends and picked up some essentials (wine) and the adjoining liquor store. It was a beautiful Fall day and I am looking forward to the rest of the Fall season and I am fully anticipating the Winter. 

So,what do you think of the outfit? It made me feel pretty confident but I did get one disapproving stare at the grocery store. That made me feel bad for a second. You have to wear what makes you feel good! What is your favorite season readers? Do you all share my love for the Fall and Winter?

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