Sunday, October 27, 2013

How I celebrate Halloween.

This weekend was packed with activities! On Friday night Jeremy and I went to see 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' and the Levoy theater in Millville and on Saturday my Sister threw a halloween party. Today is homework day, blech.

Jeremy wanted to dress in drag to see Rocky Horror and he went on the hunt for a pair of high heels at the beginning of the week. He needed a size 13 and shoe shopping was looking futile until he went to Payless. The clerk was very creeped out when Jeremy came in requesting a pair of size 13 pumps and claiming he wanted to look like a hooker. I had one day to teach this man to walk in heels. It's very interesting to teach the man you love how to walk like a classy lady. Jeremy reminded me of a newborn deer when he began to walk in heels. I told him to spend as much time as he could in them to get used to them.
He's just like June Cleaver. 

Rocky Horror is a big thing for us. The year we started dating, Jeremy bought me tickets to see the live show in Atlantic city and we had a blast. I was really excited to learn that we could see the show so close to home and we've decided to see the show every year. 

The Rowan Gay Straight Alliance put on the production of Rocky Horror and they did a fantastic job! We had so much fun doing the shout outs and dancing to the Time Warp and I was so sad when we had to go home. 
Let me introduce you all to Lola. He worked very hard on his costume. 
I helped him with his nails. Don't they look fabulous 

This photo was taken from the Levoy facebook page. The theater is beautiful!

Me being obnoxious. I chose something simple, I didn't want to upstage Lola. 

We got home late and slept in. By the time we woke up we had time to watch half a movie and then it was time to get ready for the Halloween party my sister put together. She always puts on a great party and she always has a lot of great food!

Jeremy decided to be Inspector Clouseau and I chose to be a flapper. Jeremy had an easy time putting his costume together. The only difficult part was finding his trench coat but I eventually found one at the Vineland Salvation Army. 

I had a hard time finding a flapper costume that was accurate for the time period and affordable was a challenge. Then I remembered I had a dress that could work for a flapper look. I had bought it two years ago and have only worn it twice. 

Some characteristics of the flapper look were short hemlines, drop waist or no waists and many of the dresses had ornate beading. The dresses you find at Halloween stores aren't an accurate representation of flapper fashions. It is possible to channel the flapper vibe with modern pieces. 

You can't see it in this photo but the dress has two large pieces of draped fabric on either side. The only pieces I bought for the costume were the lace headband and the feather clip I put on it. Everything else was pulled from my closet and jewelry box. 

I tried to pull off a vampish 20's style makeup with help from the book 'Making Faces' by Kevyn Aucoin. If you don't already have the book then you must pick up a copy! I got mine for 25 cents at a library book sale. It has pages of make up tutorials and they are so easy to follow!

Flapper makeup included dramatic dark eye makeup, rouge and dark lipstick. It's not that hard to do and it's super easy if you follow the instructions in 'Making Faces'. After I got my face put on, it was time for the party!

I'm amazed at what a fantastic Inspector Clouseau Jeremy makes! 

We had bought this adorable little jester costume for Ginger to wear. He acted like we were trying to murder him and it only stayed on long enough to take some pictures. I still think it was an adorable costume. 

My sister set up guessing stations to win prizes at the party. Jeremy won almost every game.

 Here's my sister giving Jeremy yet another prize. I think they had the games fixed!
 We played Halloween bingo and Jeremy won most of the games. I won once and my Mommom won a couple of times.
My sister likes to lump Halloween and Thanksgiving together, so we played pin the hat on the turkey. Here's Mommom pinning a hat. None of us came close. 

What are you going to be for Halloween? What are you're Halloween traditions? 

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  1. You are so silly! looks like you are all having a great time! Happy Halloween!