Thursday, January 17, 2013

Todays thrifting trip

   Today I went and did a little thrift shopping with my good friend Jess. We visited two shops, one of which we visited for the first time.
   Our first stop was Nifty Thrifty on Delsea Drive in Malaga. The store is just starting out and it is fantastic! There are tons of little knick knacks, glassware (which I am a sucker for), furniture and a little bit of jewelry. I got a gorgeous necklace which is deco inspired. I plan on reporting on this store more in a future post.
   Our second stop was Glassboro Thrift Village ( I haven't been there in a long time and now I know that I have to go there more often. This store has everything from clothes, a large selection of jewelry, knick knacks, books, movies, toys, and a lot of furniture. I picked up this cute little party dress for $7
I have a lot of different ideas for this dress, but I just threw it on for the picture. Thrift Village is a great place to go if you need holiday decorations. They have a Valentine's and Easter display at the moment.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Best Local Thrift Stores.

I love to thrift shop and luckily there are some fantastic thrift/consignment stores in and around Vineland, New Jersey. Here are some of my favorites, I never leave any of these places empty handed.

1. Divine Consign- Great little shop! Tons of items! They sell clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelery, items for your home and perfume. Right now they are having a half off sale. The staff are very friendly and their items are top quality.

2.Twice Loved Treasures-Affiliated with South Jersey Health Care. Tons of knick knacks for your home,books, craft items and most importantly clothes and jewelry. Prices are reasonable.

3.Salvation Army- Lots of items! If you're going block out a lot of time because there's a lot of hunting to do. On Wednesdays three colored tags are selected for a half off sale.

4.Plato's Closet- Okay, this is in Deptford, NJ but I did say in and around Vineland. This is a nice store but like the Salvation Army be prepared to be there for awhile. The store has quite a lot of inventory.