Monday, September 9, 2013

My birthday resolutions

I was born on September 8, 1990 and yesterday I celebrated my 23rd birthday. Some people dread becoming another year older, they feel that the older they get the more they have to be serious, to act like an "adult".  Technically, I have been an adult for awhile now but I still don't feel like one. Age is but a state of mind. This may be the reason that I still use Lisa Frank products for school.

My Mom, Mommom, Brianna(sister), Jeremy celebrated with me yesterday. I made mango salsa, guacamole and I put out some tortilla chips, brie and crackers because my idea of a party is a lot of snacks! For dinner we had tacos, my favorite, and for dessert my Mom made me a red velvet birthday cake and I made homemade sticky buns. Like I said in an earlier post, my sister and I like to throw our own dance parties and we did just that for my birthday. I made a playlist of Bobby Darin, ABBA and assorted disco and 60's hits.

Brianna wore this fantastic blue gown that she got from "Twice Loved Treasures" in Vineland NJ.
I'm so proud!
 This is her very first vintage piece and I am so proud!
There is a beautiful butterfly broach attached to the middle
of the dress and the gorgeous cape is optional, but I think
the gown is more dramatic with it. I hope this gown leads to more vintage pieces. I know when I got my very first vintage
dress I knew I had to have more! However, the dress I wore
was not vintage but it looks like it could be from the 60's. The shoes are vintage, they were my Mommom's.

Most people make resolutions only at the beginning of the new year but I make them every year on my birthday, I treat is as a fresh start. Does anyone else make resolutions on their birthday or any other time of the year other then the new year? Most of my resolutions this year are cliche, exersise everyday, keep my room clean,don't slack off in school and read and write for fun everyday.  My major resolution is to be more social and outgoing. When I go to school I keep to myself and that was okay for a couple of years but I would like to meet new people. So, I plan to participate in class more often, make conversation with the people sitting around me and not to isolate myself while I'm on campus. I once read that to make a resolution work there has to be a plan. I am socially inept so if anyone has any tips I would love to hear them!

Mommom, Me, Brianna, and Jeremy

We're all quite strange. 

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  1. Happy Birthday! You are not socially inept, you are very sweet, approachable and fascinating! I saw some of your modeling on your website, and you are very poised and creative too! It's impressive and appealing to me that you compliment and encourage your sister and appreciate your grandma, as I am both older sister and a grandma. Brianna looks pretty in her blue dress! So just keep on talking to people you meet, and be yourself, and you'll make lots of friends!
    I make resolutions often too! I also collect affirmations and positive sayings and try to share them always!
    Love, Linda
    P.S. You should get rid of the word verification, it keeps some people from leaving comments, and it's unnecessary.