Sunday, September 1, 2013

Label help .

Hi everyone! I am writing this to ask for help. While I was on vacation this year I purchased 3 dresses that were originally from a shop called "Rose Kate's", the shop was located in Atlantic City and that's about all I could find out. I asked my Mommom and she had never heard of the place. I also looked online and I only found 1 listing for a dress from "Rose Kate's".
My prized Rose Kate's dress. 
I wore one of the dresses for my latest shoot with Devil Dog Photography. Before I  did the shoot I had no idea that the dress was as shiny as it was, it doesn't look as luminous in real life but it's still a gorgeous dress. 

If anyone has any information on the shop please let me know. It was called Rose Kates and it was in Atlantic City. All the dresses including the one in the pictures are from the 60's as far as I can tell.

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