Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lets talk lining.

Today we're going to learn something about garment history. It's going to be fun, I promise, it's a subject that I find fascinating.

I purchased this yellow crepe and sequin dress this summer at "What Goes On" on the Wildwood boardwalk. I'd say the dress is from the late 60's. There is no label, just a small tag that says the size.
I decided it would be the perfect dress to wear for the birthday party my parents threw for me. On a side note, I made a lot of food for the party including delicious crab dip and an earl grey cake with orange zest frosting. 
 Anyway, I decided that this was going to be my party dress and then my plan hit a snag. The dress was a bit see through and my undergarments tend to be brightly colored with a loud print. So,  I had to bother my Mom for a mini slip. I understand a lot of people aren't used to wearing slips and I'm one of them. I know what they're for but I don't ever really need to wear them. I bet you're wondering where the history lesson fits in to all of this so here it is. If you have a lot of vintage dresses you might notice that they are not lined like modern dresses. Sometime in the 70's dresses were starting to be made without lining, prior to that the correct undergarments were needed to wear the dress. Often it was a bra, underwear, girdle(which fell to the wayside with a lot of women in the 60's) and a slip. 

So, your vintage wardrobe doesn't just require a cute 60's party dress it often times requires you to buy special undergarments. You can go to almost any store and buy a slip, it doesn't have to be vintage. 

I hope you all enjoyed this little Thursday history lesson. Now, more photos of the dress. 
We have such well behaved deer in our back yard! 

In this shot you can see the sequins around the neckline and the earrings I was wearing. I love how detailed the neckline is and how dramatic the sleeves are, there is no need for a necklace or bracelets. I just wore earrings and engagement ring.

These are Betsy Johnson earrings that Jeremy got me for Easter earlier this year. I absolutely love Betsey Johnson and I have a few pieces of her jewelry, including one of her massively heavy but gorgeous charm necklaces, I just look at it as an exercise for my neck. 

I hope you have all learned something today or at least enjoyed looking at my yellow party dress. My recipes aren't secret so if anyone wants my crab dip recipe or my earl grey cake recipe I'll be happy to give them to you. 


  1. What a pretty dress Megan, you look lovely and I like the earrings too! Ilm going to Wildwood today and I am going to find that shop! We are at the conventionCenter selling car literature. It's the Wildwood Classic Car Show and Car Auction. It is also Irrish weekend, so quite an exciting time on the boards! Have a great weekend!

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    1. Somehow I duplicated it! I found the shop, What Goes On, and Cheap Charlie's, Junke and Treasures too! Great stuff at these shops! You and I really found some neat things! Thanks Megan!

  3. Very good article,well the deer were all disciplined.You did offer a good tid bit for vintage dresses and slips. Keep it up!

  4. Site looks great...Are you going to take more pics of all the outfits you have found along the way? Awesome job.