Sunday, September 22, 2013

A very vintage weekend and new kittens!

Jeremy and I went to Wildwood this weekend with my parents and we had a blast! We arrived at my parent's condo late Friday night so we only had time to eat dinner and get ready for bed. I made plans to go shopping at some of my favorite shops and eat lunch at one of my favorite restaurants since I had a birthday coupon (there's nothing wrong with coupons). Jeremy and I walked along Pacific ave, which is one of my favorite streets in Wildwood, and we eventually arrived at Cheap Charlie's. I had been to Cheap Charlie's in June and I got 4 fantastic wool dresses and I had to go back this weekend to see what treasures I could find! Cheap Charlie's did not disappoint, I walked away with a lot of vintage treasures.
While I was at the shop I met up with fellow blogger and vintage lover Linda Young! You should all check out her etsy shop (featured in the shops tab of my blog). I found so many vintage treasures at Cheap Charlie's and I walked away with 3 dresses, a powder pink skirt, and a bolero jacket. If you're in Wildwood you must go to this shop! From there Jeremy and I went to Cattle 'n Clover, one of our favorite places to eat on Pacific Ave. The restaurant used to be a night club and it was where Chubby Checker got his start.
Here I am in the booth with my bag of clothes from Cheap Charlie's. I got some gorgeous pieces, I can't wait to show them off!

After we ate a fantastic lunch, I had fish and chips and Jeremy had an Irish trio, we made our way to the boardwalk to another favorite of mine, What Goes On. On a boardwalk of disposable t-shirt shops and pizza, What Goes On is an oasis! If you think the Wildwood boardwalk has nothing to offer then you haven't been to What Goes On! I purchased two fantastic dresses there, a floral evening gown and a red striped day dress. 
I had a great Saturday and now I'm having a great Sunday evening. My Mom and Sister each got a new kitten! 
I would like you all to meet Patches (left) and Felix (right). My sister's cat is Felix and my Mom has Patches. Ginger is very jealous of the new arrivals so Jeremy and I are trying our best to assure him he isn't being replaced. Jeremy and I have babysitting duty tomorrow when I get home from school since no one else will be home. I love spending time with kittens! 
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are all enjoying the first day of fall! 

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