Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I know it's not Tuesday but here's a music post anyway!

I had intended to post this yesterday but these little kittens are a full time job. They're really starting to explore the house  which is scary for me since they're so tiny. They are getting along with Ginger and Tigger though. Felix snuggled with Ginger at naptime yesterday and both of the kittens seem to regard Tigger as their king. So this is going to be a quick post, sorry.

Alright, now on to the music. Today our focus is The Clash. How many of you thought this was going to be another Bobby Darin post? 

I have been a Clash fan since I was 12 years old and they've had such an impact on my life. I remember my dad put on the London Calling album one night and that was it, I was hooked. I had the desire to learn the drum at 13 because I idolized (still do) Topper Headon. Do not get me started on the man because I will not stop, there are so many great things to be said about him. Their songs make you think and now I am a more critical listener, not just with music but in conversation too. 

Now, if you've never heard any music by The Clash then you simply must. I'll give you some direction.  If you want the most bang for your buck then I would go with either London Calling or Sandinista, the former a double album and the latter a triple. The great thing about Sandinsita is there's all different genres of music on it and they're all done well. That's another great thing about The Clash, the versatility!

How many of my readers are Clash fans? 


  1. I'm a Clash Fan!!!
    I love the kitties :)

    1. It's going to be fun to watch the little ones grow but I wish they could be little forever.