Monday, September 16, 2013

A last taste of summer

Last Friday I had a photo shoot with Nathanael Vega in Hammonton NJ ( Which Jeremy and I plan to go back to soon! There were so many Mexican restaurants and a two story antique shop!) It was in a way a farewell to summer shoot. I had a lot of fun and sadly I didn't get to model much this summer. The photographer was a pleasure to work with and I loved parading around in my vintage (and vintage styled) suits.

Here are some highlights.
The black one piece is from and I've had it for two years. I highly recommend the Esther Williams bathing suits from this site, I've worn this suit a lot in the two years I've had it and it still fits like the first time I put it on. 
This blue plaid bikini is also from Unique Vintage and it's also and Esther Williams bikini. The only thing I'm not fanatical about is the plastic clasp on the top. I haven't had good luck with plastic clasps and pools but thankfully I haven't had a problem with this suit yet. 

This is my newest bikini and it is 100% vintage. It's from Sears and I think someday soon I will be able to open my very own 60's Sears shop with all the things I have from that store now. I bought the bikini on Etsy.
My attempt at a 60's bikini model pose
I had a lot of fun at this shoot! The weather was fantastic, it was warm enough to prance around in a bikini and yet there was a hint of fall. I am so excited for the colder weather, I tore all the summery things out of my closet and replaced them with pieces for fall weather. I tend to be an eager beaver when it comes to switching out my clothes but I am just so excited! 
I hope you all enjoyed my farewell to summer. 

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