Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekly Links Post. Faces, Vintage and The Clash!

This week was a working week. I've added a lot of content to "Overpowered by Funk" including places I was featured and a vintage themed reading list. I'm also thinking of expanding to other media!

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of working with Chris Spano from Chris Spano Photography. His blog The Faces of Nj profiles people from all over New Jersey. It's fascinating to read some of the stories of the people profiled on the blog. Here's my article,(

By Chris Spano Photography. 

I love finding new sites to read up on all things vintage and I found a gem in Dressing in Vintage. The posts are thoughtful and beautifully written and go beyond just vintage fashion. One of my favorite posts is The Myth of Normal a look at how wonderfully talented people can be plagued by depression and mental turmoil. Vincent Van Gogh is mentioned in the article and it reminded me of some of my favorite people that were notably plagued with their own personal troubles. Peter Sellers, one of my heros, and Stephen Fry a both had their own mental struggles but both of them are geniuses! 

"Overpowered by Funk" isn't just the name of this blog, it's the name of a great Clash tune! Every Clash fan, and if you're not than why, should pop on over to The Clash Blog. The latest post discusses the movie "Mystery Train". Joe Strummer acted brilliantly in the movie, he made me laugh so much with some of his lines. A brilliant musician and actor. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm throwing a birthday celebration for Jeremy this Sunday, he'll be 24! 

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  1. Mystery Train is definitely a movie worth watching. My favorite segment would have to be with Steve Buscemi.How can you not love the scene when he takes a bullet :D