Thursday, March 13, 2014

Not your typical Marilyn Monroe post.

I have to write this, it's a topic that's been brewing in my mind for some time now and I just have to get it out before I make my own sobbing youtube video. Leave Marilyn Monroe alone!

This photo has been floating around the internet for some time and every time some one posts it I want to reach through the screen and shake them. It's a lovely sentiment but Marilyn Monroe never said it, there was no such size as a size 0 during her life. In fact that type of sizing didn't appear until the 80s

It's frustrating that so many people keep these quotes in constant circulation, there is no push to check for their validity. If you do any research on sizing you will soon realize that type of sizing didn't appear until the 80s. 

Marilyn has now become this sort of "stock" image especially for teenage girls. They've misattributed so many quotes to her and believe so many false things about her, like that she was "plus sized" by modern standards. 

Marilyn Monroe was anything but plus sized. Her measurements were approximately 35,22,35. Although her weight fluctuated throughout her career she was not plus sized. 

I implore you to to do your research if you love Marilyn Monroe. Delve below the surface, you'll find out that she was a very fascinating woman. 

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