Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Has Sprung.

I know, such an original title.  Yesterday was the first official day of Spring and I don't care if it's too early I'm putting away all my winter clothes! As much as I love winter it felt way too long this year.

I love taking day trips when the weather is nice and yesterday Jeremy and I went to Haddonfield, NJ for the day. I love towns that have a nice main street with a lot of shops and walking space and Haddonfield has all of that. Every time we visit we eat at The British Chip Shop and get our fix of English snacks at The English Gardner Gift Shop. I adored England and their food when I went there many years ago. Sadly, I don't have the funds to go back right now but I can get good fish and chips and snacks close to home.

Jeremy brooding over a cup of Earl Grey. 

His mood lifted when his scotch egg arrived. 

I wasn't angry, just cold. This is a historic building in Haddonfield, the Indian King Tavern. The sweater has become a staple of my spring wardrobe. It was my Mommom's and it was the first gift my Poppop got her after they were married. He picked it out all by himself, he had great taste. 

This was our tiny haul, we got the essentials. Ginger seemed to like the digestives. 

Spring is such a lovely time of year. It feels like a renewal, I want to eat healthier, go outside and see new sights. 

Some people find transitions into seasons difficult and I'm no exception. I find that sweaters are essential though. Spring is for floral patterns and bright colors but sometimes the weather doesn't want you to wear your bright floral sundress, spring can be strange. 

How many of you love Spring?

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  1. I had a lovely time with you in Haddonfield my dear :) I am finally glad spring is here, I just hope snow stays away until next year!