Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Kinks: Tuesday Music Post.

I'm glad the Kinks haven't become another t-shirt band. The Beatles, The Doors, and the Rolling Stones are a few that come to mind when you think of bands that every 13 year old girl wears without having any knowledge of the band. I'm very protective of musicians I've never met you see.

Anyway If you haven't listened to The Kinks or are only familiar with "You Really Got Me" than you're missing out. It's a shame that a year long touring ban in the US sort of hindered them. I wonder if  there was no ban if they would be wildly popular in the U.S. like they deserve to be.

Not only did they have killer tunes, but their lyrics were just as good. Their lyrics had depth and humor, they could paint a clear mental picture of the English countryside or they can attack dreary aspects of life and they can make you think even after the song ends.

Celluloid Heroes celebrates old Hollywood, the glamour of movies and fame and the loneliness that can accompany fame.

Remember my post last week, A Dedicated Follower of Fashion? Well, this is where I found my title. Ray Davies adds a lot of character to this song and it's so catchy. 

                        Great music and great style! How could you not love them?

If you're a fan of the Kinks, what's your favorite song? If this was your first real exposure to the band I hope you continue to explore their material, then you may buy the t-shirt.


  1. My favorite would have to be Lola. Who wouldnt love a song about a man in love with a man that he thinks is a woman. The lyrics and melody are catchy. This is another Kinks song definitely worth being heard.

  2. I love the Kinks! Lola is a good album but i also love Arthur - it has my favourite song of theirs 'Victoria'. Such a happy tune, but the lyrics of course hold a different message!

    There was a porridge add around a while ago where the mother was making fun of her daughter for "discovering" the kinks, maxi skirts and rolled oats as her daught bopped around the kitchen wearing a kinks shirt!

  3. I've had 'Victoria' on an almost constant loop on my iPod for the past couple of days, great song! Don't you love tunes that are really upbeat with lyrics that are the exact opposite?