Thursday, March 27, 2014

Modeling for Sweet and Sour Vintage

Two weeks ago I had the privilege to work with an amazing team of people to model dresses for the Etsy shop Sweet and Sour VintageChristopher Flanegan ( was the photographer and Michelle Rivera of Truebutterfleyes Make up Artistry          (

Michelle did a great job on my hair with an up do I could never manage and her make up skills stun me, she's really great. Christopher's photos were so polished which is especially important to show off the product. The dresses, I can't possibly say enough about the dresses. 

This was the first dress I modeled and it would be perfect for anyone that has a spring event to go to. It can be found here

This would be so cute for a summer party and it can be found here

This dress was one of my favorites. It's from the 60s but has a 20s flair to it. I love the pattern of the sequins. It can be found here

If you've known me for awhile, you know I have a weakness for vintage gowns. This was a dream gown and it can be found here

I have my eye on this dress, it was one of my favorites for an everyday summer dress. The fabric is so soft and the colors and lace detail are so dreamy. It can be found here

I loved this wedding dress. The neck line really stood out and the long train is gorgeous. It can be found  here

This dress fit so nicely, it hugged every curve and the lining was so soft. It can be found here

This is the best 50s wedding dress! There is beautiful detailing all over the dress and it can be found here

I was so nervous going to the shoot since it was the first time I'd ever modeled with a team this big. When I got there and met everyone all the nerves went away, they were all so great to work with. Sweet and Sour Vintage has tons of great dresses and accessories that are all top notch so please visit and treat yourself to something great. 

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