Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly links post.

This links post is going to be packed with photos, I helped my Mommom clean last week and I found some treasures. My favorite find was a little paper cookbook given out by the Shop Rite chain of grocery stores.

As soon as I saw the graphic on the cover I was instantly reminded of the beautiful graphics on The Glamorous Housewife. The Glamorous Housewife does it all! Her blog tag line is "Inspiration for Living" and she truly is inspirational and such a nice lady. I sent her the cover image as soon as I found it and she said it was the look she was going for. I'm glad that the vintage community is so sociable, we are all willing to share with each other. 

Here are some more images from the cookbook. 

Isn't this bunny adorable!

                 The Glamorous Housewife, this reminds image really reminds me of your website.

This was the only photo in the cookbook that I found a bit...odd. 

I have a feeling I am going to experiment with this cookbook pretty soon, there are so many interesting dishes!

Vintage hats have been on my mind for quite a while. Hats are the only way to look like a put together lady especially if you are going for that 00s to 50s look. No one had ever taught me to properly wear a hat. The only hats I knew about were winter hats for function, not style. My Mommom and a lot of other amazing vintage bloggers have been my guide through the world of vintage hats!

Tuppence Ha'Penny's blog gave me a good beginner guide to wearing vintage hats ( Wearing a 40s fascinator is different than wearing a baseball cap and these are skills that aren't readily passed down to women now. Her blog is amazing and you should all check it out!

This is a camel hair coat I got from my Mommom, it was her mothers. I bought the hat at Twice Loved Treasures in Vineland. 

                                        This was the dress I wore at Christmas and my foxes!
The top view of my hat with my three hat pins. My Mommom never heard of anyone putting three hat pins in their hat but I wanted it to be secure!

If anyone has any tips on hat wearing I would love to know! I hope you all enjoy the links this week. I know I usually have more but I think you'll want to explore these two blogs for awhile. 

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