Friday, January 17, 2014

Like a Glove.

Lets talk gloves. Now, I know that now ladies don't wear gloves unless it's winter time but in my opinion gloves add glamour to your everyday outfits. Women used to be required to wear gloves whenever they went out in public and there were lists of rules for women to follow when wearing their gloves. Any vintage lover needs a good set of gloves for day and evening.

A small portion of my glove collection. 

I have been scouring the internet for glove etiquette and I hope I can give everyone a good beginners course in glove wearing. 

I visited Sweet Trash's blog this afternoon ( and there was a very good guide for glove wearing. 

For everyday outings like grocery shopping, meetings, visiting and going to lunch short white or mid arm length gloves are appropriate. 

I am a list person, information is better to me when presented in a list so here are some glove etiquette facts that I've learned. 

  • The only acceptable jewelry to wear over gloves is a bracelet. Wear your rings under your gloves.
  • Evening gloves go over the elbow and sometimes they can extend up to the mid upper arm. Satin evening gloves should ideally match the color of your gown. 

  • When eating take your gloves off and never place them on the table, instead place them on your lap and place them on your napkin. Put them back on when you are finished. 

Does anyone else have any glove etiquette facts? If you are in your twenties like I am then your mother probably did not pass any glove etiquette down to you so it is up to you to mine your Grandmothers or the internet for information. 

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