Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two South Jersey shops that everyone should visit.

I have been looking for some new antique/vintage shops to visit this month and I have two great shops to tell you all about. My dream town would be one that has antique shops every few feet and shops that sell vintage clothing. There would also be some sushi places and mexican restaurants, oh and a video store! Sorry, I am prone to going on tangents like that. Anyway, this Monday I visited a new thrift shop in Buena called "Wise Buys" it's on Wheat Road. When I walked in to the tiny first room of the shop there was a huge collection of vintage Christmas decorations. There was also a shelf full of cocktail glasses and other assorted glassware. Everything on the shelf was gorgeous but I had to stay away, I'm a sucker for glassware and my little bar cart is overwhelmed with glasses.  I was a little disappointed when I walked in, from the little room you walk into when you enter the shop it's a little hard to see into the huge room that is the rest of the store. I was overwhelmed with all the treasures in the shop. The owner said she adds new items everyday. I saw a cute 60s mini dress that I tried on and loved but couldn't buy since it wasn't in my budget. "Wise Buys" is a must visit shop for anyone near Vineland and Buena. I picked up two vintage Christmas ornaments.

Today I was driving around Glassboro in the middle of a beautiful snow shower. I was on Glassboro road and I passed a small antique shop that I've passed countless times and each time I passed I made a note to stop in sometime and today was the day. The shop is "Ternay's Shop in the Woods", it's a cute little shop and the owner told me that the shop is expanding soon. I can't believe I waited so long to visit, the store is amazing. They have everything from tea sets to vintage magazines. I walked around studying everything and then my eyes fell upon the tiny perfume display. I am a perfume junkie, there are enough bottles of perfume on my dresser to last 100 years. I ended up purchasing two bottles of Evening in Paris perfume. Evening in Paris is a light powdery scent, it can work in all seasons.

 The two little bottles are displayed on a pretty white fur wrap that I picked up yesterday at Twice Loved Treasures. I went there for fabric for my first sewing project and left with the wrap and no fabric. Aren't the buttons pretty?
Here are the two ornaments from Wise Buys. I've been looking for ornaments like this all winter.

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