Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weekly Links Post

Greetings from the winter wonderland that is south Jersey! Here are some great links to keep you entertained for hours if you are snowed in like I am.

I have been wanting to learn to sew for a long time, now that I have a sewing machine the only thing that is stopping me is getting patterns and fabric. At The Vintage Pattern Files you will find sewing and knitting patterns from the 1900s to the 1970s

(via Vintage Pattern Files and Sewing Vintage)
I want to get some fabric and make this bed jacket. I already have a black 1930s bed jacket but it's a little fragile so I want to make a new one. 

The bed jacket is reversible but the pattern side is fraying a little. 

The thrift crawl I went on this past Saturday was a part of celebrating National Thrift Week. I found this website that will give you a complete education about National Thrift Week. ( There are plenty of links within the site so set some time aside to explore. 

Another site that is amazing but time consuming is Collectors Weekly. There are articles about vintage fashion and culture. There is even a great show and tell section where you can show off your goods. (

I hope you all enjoy the links and prepare to spend hours on them. 


  1. Very interesting history, on the "Bring back Thrift Week" website, Megan! I like your bed jacket pattern. It would even be cute worn on a prom (evening) dress as a shaw? I have lots of old dress patterns that I'll have to show you. Sounds like you like being "snowed in".

    1. shawl, or should I say "wrap".

    2. By the way, the pattern side? is that a print fabric? It looks like sweetbreads or something.

  2. Being snowed in is my favorite part of winter! The pattern looks like dragons to me, I should have taken a photo from farther away since it's not quite the same zoomed in. I was planning on wearing the 30s bed jacket out since it's made from a sort of evening gown like material and would make a nice caplet. No one has to know it's a bed jacket ;)

  3. So true about Collector's Weekly. I've spent many an enjoyable hour soaking up the awesome articles, interviews and photos on that site. They're splendidly engaging and I nearly always walk away having learned something (or many somethings) new.

    Big hugs & many thanks for your lovely comment yesterday's vintage outfit post.

    ♥ Jessica