Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Smashing 60's dress and a holiday series.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend! I was thankful that I got to spend my dinner with Jeremy, my Mom and sister.  However, I am now super excited for Christmas! As much as I love Thanksgiving, Christmas trumps it. I spent the day decorating and planning for holiday baking. Tomorrow, Jeremy and I are going to start our Christmas shopping. This is going to be a weird Christmas holiday since we are missing Poppop.

This Thanksgiving was the fifth Thanksgiving Jeremy and I have spent as as a couple and the first that we have spent together after we've given our lives to each other. This is also the first Thanksgiving I've spent with my Poppop gone.

I don't know about you but I love to dress up, even for family events and Thanksgiving is not exempt! I  picked a late 60s vintage dress from B.Altman & Co. to wear this Thanksgiving.

How handsome is Jeremy all dressed up?

Since the holiday season is in full swing and Christmas is quickly approaching I figured I would do a series of posts about Christmas. Since today is Tuesday I am going to list some of my favorite non-traditional Christmas songs. 

I'm sure that some of you are tired of hearing the same few songs on the radio stations that have been playing Christmas music since last month. 

Fairytale of New York-The Pogues 

Ah, now this is a Christmas tune I will never tire of. The Pogues are great and if you haven't listened to them yet then do it now!

Merry Christmas( I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)-The Ramones

How can you not love The Ramones?! 

Father Christmas-The Kinks 


Great tune by a great band! I never hear this on the radio and that's a shame, there need to be more non cheesy Christmas tunes in the radio waves!

I hope you liked my three picks and stay tuned for next week when I list some of my essential Christmas albums! You may be surprised at what I choose. Also, I will be sharing a favorite holiday tune of mine until Christmas on my facebook page Megan Steigerwalt-Overpowered by Funk, so look for one of your favorites or a new favorite! 

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