Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas time is here...

Today is finally Christmas Eve and I finally am getting in the Christmas mood! Jeremy and I went to a tree trimming party Sunday night and I spent all day yesterday in the kitchen baking and making the crab dip that I make for every special occasion (I will give you all my recipe)

I have always loved Christmas but this year I just haven't been into it. Usually on December first I'm in Christmas and baking mode but this year I haven't. The past week has been spent shopping and baking and today I have one thing left to make. I wanted to do a quick post to list all the songs of the day that I've been posting on my facebook page and to share some pre holiday photos. This post is going to be a hodge podge of holiday stuff.

On the 14th of December I started posting a Christmas song of the day to my facebook page here is the full list. Try these out tonight at your Christmas eve celebration.

1) Jingle Bell Rock-Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
2)What Christmas Means to Me-Hanson
3)Boogie Woogie Santa Claus- Mabel Scott
4)Christmas Wrapping -The Waitresses
5)Go Tell it on the Mountain-Bobby Darin
6)Christmas in Heaven-Monty Python
7)Merry Christmas Darling-The Carpenters
8)Xmas Twist-Twistin Kings
9)Mele Kalikimaka- Bing Crosby
10)Jingle Bells- Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters
11)Silent Night-Frank Sinatra
12)Christmas Time is Here-Vince Gurialdi

And now for my crab dip recipe

2 bricks Cream Cheese
1 pack fake crab (size depends on how much crab you like
1 can jumbo lump crab meat
Chopped Green onions
Chopped red or white onion
Lemon juice
Frank's Red hot sauce (for color and taste)

Sorry everyone but when it comes to seasonings and things like the red hot and lemon juice I really don't measure I add a little and then taste to see if I need to add more. Tasting is half the fun of cooking.
Make sure the cream cheese is soft enough to mix then add the fake crab. I like to rip it into smaller pieces but if you like larger chunks of crab you don't have to. Then drain the liquid out of the can of lump crab meat and then add it to the cream cheese and fake crab. After all the crab is in the bowl get the hand mixer and mix everything around. Then add your chopped onions, I didn't give amounts for these either since I just keep adding until it tastes right. Add your lemon juice and red hot and mix everything with the hand mixer again.

I make this for every holiday and birthday and everyone loves it. I have a big container of it in the fridge for tomorrow!

And now for the photos!

I bought this little guy at 'A Blast From the Past' in Vineland. My Mom and my sister told me he creeps them out but I love him.

Here's my pixie elf spending quality time with my fur nephew, Felix.

 I bought this plaid trapper hat for Ginger and gave it to him last Tuesday as an early Christmas present. He kept it on for about two minutes and then he ripped it off. I love to get him little things to wear, he has a gingerbread bandana and a bow tie as well.
Before we headed out for a Christmas party last Sunday, I helped Ginger put his Christmas ornament on the tree. 

 Jeremy looked so handsome last Sunday. He is wearing my Poppop's sweater and hat. Doesn't he look dapper?
I wore a little black cape since it was quite warm last Sunday. I bought the dress from the bi-annual Vineland Women's Club antique sale. I can't wait to go to the sale again in March. 

Jeremy and I got our little boy so many things this Christmas and we even made him his own stocking! 

I hope you all are having a great Christmas Eve! My Mommom came over and we opened a couple of our gifts early. Jeremy worked through the day so I saved him a plate of all the goodies we had today. I'm so happy he's home now, this was the first holiday that we haven't spent the whole day together since we started dating. Spending time with my Mommom, Mom and Sister was a lot of fun though, we had some crab dip, opened presents and listened to Christmas music. We also spent some time talking about Poppop. This Christmas is weird without him. I thought this was a fitting photo to post of him for Christmas, he was being attacked by pixie elves and my favorite part of the photo is he sleigh on his head. 

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