Thursday, December 26, 2013

And Gone in a Flash.

Christmas day has come and gone. I love Christmas day but I really love the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, that's when I love to lounge, it's like an extended Christmas. Jeremy is off today and we're going to have some wine and cheese, enjoy our gifts and relax. I consider the week one long holiday.

Christmas Eve was celebrated with Mommom, Brianna and my Mom. Jeremy worked until evening and then he finally came home.
Tigger opened his presents while Patches watched. Mommom got him a catnip stick and she got treats for all the cats.

 Ginger couldn't wait to open his stocking although I think he was a bit disappointed with his kitty tooth brush.

My sister is very manipulative! Jeremy and I decided that we would give her one present, a book, to open on Christmas eve. Brianna talked me into giving her all of her presents on Christmas eve. Here she is opening the stack of records we got her. I'm so proud, I have a feeling I helped shape her musically. 

Our Christmas was fantastic! Jeremy and I opened presents with my Mom and Brianna in the morning, and Jeremy wore the new robe that I got him.
Jeremy tried to recreate the face on the album I gave him. 

We got ready to go to dinner at Mommoms house. I got a hot roller set and I love them. My hair stayed curly all day!

Ginger celebrated his third Christmas!

Clyde was my kitchen helper. 

 I made this lemon and orange wreath bread. I'm so proud of it since it is one of the first things I've made that looks like the photo in the cook book.

 My sister set up this adorable Christmas scene at Mommom's house. 

Clyde wore his little Santa coat. 

I bought this gorgeous jacket a 'Twice Loved Treasures' in Vineland. 

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and got everything you wanted! Expect to read a lot of new blog posts this winter as I will be visiting a lot of antique and thrift shops!

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