Friday, December 27, 2013

Playing with decades.

Jeremy and I are still celebrating Christmas! We enjoy the week between Christmas and New Year's day celebrating and the celebration culminates on New Year's day when we have our annual polenta and cod dinner at Mommom's house.

This afternoon we visited my in-laws since we didn't see them on Christmas. I decided to wear my new dress that Jeremy got me for Christmas.

My Mommom got me this great felt cloche hat for Christmas. I have a couple clips that can go with it so I'm going to experiment. I figured I would wear it with my red dress to be Christmasy. 

When I got there I got to meet Dudley! Jeremy's parents got this adorable Jack Russell/Pug mix. He is so full of energy that I couldn't snap a good photo of him. He is so precious. 

We spent a couple hours visiting at his parent's house and then we went to the Hallmark store to buy our 2013 ornament. We are a little late this year but we ended up getting a good deal so it all worked out. 

Our 2013 ornament to celebrate our union. 

We're still having a blast enjoying our holiday! Now, here are some photos of my great 1950s red dress. I am about to order crinoline for it and I can't wait to have a full skirt when I wear it next. 

 My Mommom gave me this coat, it belonged to her mother and it is one of the warmest coats I've ever worn. There is a beautiful button that holds the fur collar together and I took a close up photo of it.

I wasn't looking at the camera but I posted this since I had a furry friend with me. We have a lot of outside cats at home. 

I can not wait until I get my crinoline. This dress fits like a dream and I'm so happy Jeremy got it for me for Christmas. It's so versatile, I'll be able to dress it up if I want or wear it to run errands. 

How is everyone enjoying their holiday week between Christmas and the new year?


  1. Hi! I love that red dress! :)

    1. Thanks, it fits like a dream and I can't wait to order crinoline for it. Thank you so much for commenting. :)