Thursday, February 13, 2014

Not Your Typical Valentine's Post.

I was never a fan of Valentine's day really. I'm not one of those bitter single types that wishes the worst for every loving couple they see nor have I ever been a saucer eyed romantic type. Really, I'm just excited for the candy. I do enjoy celebrating love on Valentine's day, Jeremy proposed to me in 2010 on February 14th, but I've never bought in to the whole idea that Valentine's day has to be over the top.

As Frank Sinatra once sang, "Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage". Your valentine might already be your spouse or your soon to be spouse. Why not read this informative article from Collectors Weekly ( all about "traditional" marriage. The history of marriage is very fascinating , it wasn't always about marrying the person you loved it was a business transaction and the entire institution was extremely misogynistic. I'm not trying to bring anyone down, I'm just realistic.

I am a homebody and while I like to go out to a nice restaurant to celebrate Valentine's Day, I also like to celebrate at home. Another article from Collectors Weekly (’s-day-at-home/) gives some great ideas for couples to have a blast in their own home. One of my favorite things to do while spending a special occasion at home is dress up. Dressing up really does make all the difference on a special day at home, sweat pants do not a special occasion make. We're opting to have a Valentine's party at home on the 15th so Mommom can be with us. Every great party must have food and music, so here are some snack and music ideas for your valentines celebration, however you like to celebrate the holiday. Let's start with music.

I like songs that celebrate the entire spectrum of love, not just the highs. I will always be this way even though I'm satisfied with my love life now. That being said, none of these songs are overly shmaltzy.

For those of you that have been scorned one too many times here is a great Bobby Darin tune. For being so cynical it has such a jazzy beat.

Down with Love-Bobby Darin

For the odd couple, this Peter Sellers as Dr. Strangelove cover of "She Loves You" is the perfect thing to play for your valentine. 

Who can resist the charms of Peter Sellers. 

For the loving couple, why not listen to "Lovers Rock" by The Clash from their fantastic album London Calling. 

The last and most beautiful love song from the 20th century is "Something" by The Beatles 

For our little celebration, we have decided to have a popcorn bar. It was an idea that I found on Pinterest. You can have a big bowl of air popped popcorn and little bowls of add ins like m&m's, parmesan cheese, peanuts, rasins or whatever else you could think up. 

So, what do you all have planned for Valentine's day? Do you have any special traditions?

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