Monday, August 5, 2013

I've been busy

This weekend I had a photo shoot with Chuck Woolson from Devil Dog Photography.  We did a Swinging 60's shoot. I've worked with him before and he is a pleasure to shoot with and I am always pleased with the results. He has his children help him with the set up so there was a nice atmosphere during the shoot. Jeremy came along with me to help me with my things. I received two preview photos today that I want to share.

The black dress was not vintage but I thought it was reminiscent of Nancy Sinatra. 
The blue dress is is vintage. It was one of the five that I purchased while I was on vacation. It is from Rose Kate's ,a boutique that is now closed, in Atlantic City. The dress still had the tags on it when I bought it. I had no idea the dress was as shiny as it showed up in the photographs.

I will do a full report when I get the rest of the photos, this was just a sneak peak.  

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