Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Blast from the Past

Today was grocery day (Yay!). Grocery day is fun for me and today Jeremy and I went shopping for my Mommom. Oh, and we bought a block of limburger cheese to try. We have yet to try any. Now, I am not writing this to tell you about our trip to the new Shop-rite on Landis ave and to the adjoining liquor store. I am writing to tell you about a new store in Vineland called "A Blast from the Past"!!!!

I saw an article in the Vineland Daily Journal this weekend about a new antique store called "A Blast from the Past" and after the first couple of words I was convinced that I *had* to visit this store.
Just look at that glassware! 
Jeremy and I paid a visit to the shop today before we shopped for food (on an empty stomach I might add horrible idea). When we walked in my wallet cried, I knew that I would want almost everything in the store and I was right. There are two cases full of vintage jewelry and compacts and everything is so exquisite! I bought a beautiful broach with red stones that I plan to wear all through the winter holidays.  There is a fantastic selection of glassware and beautiful furniture!! I also purchased a fantastic 1960's lucite handled furry handbag that I can't wait to show off and I will in a future blog post. There are a lot of beautiful handbags for sale at "A Blast from the Past".

The ladies that run the store are so nice and helpful. Do not hesitate, go and visit "A Blast from the Past" today, you won't regret it. I guarantee that you will find that special one of a kind item, or if your like me you will go broke (their prices are perfect but the inventory is vast) Go. Now. 

The photo is from the store's facebook page.

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