Friday, June 21, 2013

Vintage Vacation.

Every summer my family and I take our vacation in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey and right now I am in the midst of a throughly relaxing vacation. That doesn't mean that my urge to thrift and collect vintage has subsided, just this afternoon I purchased a gorgeous yellow chiffon 60's party dress at a shop called "What Goes On" on the boardwalk. I will dedicate a future post to the dress at a later date, right now I want to promote "What Goes On"!

Last summer I noticed the store I used to purchase my posters and band tee-shirts had changed its name from "Cookies" to "What Goes On" I was upset that one of my Wildwood haunts had changed but then I saw the vintage clothing displayed in the front of the store, my wallet cried.
During the hottest days of summer I purchased this fantastic 70's wool skirt! I was excited when I tried it on and it fit but I couldn't wait to take it off as it was at least 100 degrees that day! I planned on wearing it at Christmas time and the photo below shows me in the wool skirt with my Sister and I and the mini Christmas tree.
It doesn't get more festive then this. 
Anyway, back to the shop! If you are a vintage fanatic and you are in Wildwood you must visit "What Goes On"! ( They have a wide selection of authentic vintage dresses, blouses and skirts. On a boardwalk that is full of tee-shirt shops and snack stands, "What Goes On" stands out, find your one of a kind piece at the loveliest shop on the Wildwood boardwalk.

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