Sunday, June 2, 2013

Super Seventies Sunday.

Earlier this week I bought a romper that I described as looking like something Mr. Furly would wear if he was a woman. I bought it because it was different, I can't say I've ever seen anyone wear anything like it. The past couple of days have been sweltering, so I decided to go public with my "walking couch pattern",as my sister would call it, today.

Jeremy and I went out for a nice lunch at Tomo Sushi in Glassboro. I highly recommend it as their lunch special prices are very reasonable. A waitress complimented my outfit which caught me off guard  because I was expecting to be laughed at. After lunch Jeremy went to the liquor store and I went to the Goodwill to go dress hunting. I found a fantastic blue and white 60's mini dress that I will blog about later. While I was in mid-hunt I received another outfit compliment.

I was surprised that I got two compliments today. Although I was confident with my outfit and I loved it I was still expecting negativity and laughs. My "Furly" romper is a lot of look and that's why I bought it and I'm glad it was received so well.

So, dear readers what are your thoughts? Do you like the look? Do you buy things that you like that you don't think will go over so well?
One more shot. Me and a furry friend. 


  1. I like your outfit maybe I will get a Mr Furly outfit :D The outfit is very becoming on you. It is very sexy and shows off your curves in all the right places ;)

  2. It does look very nice, plus its unique and that what makes it fun