Monday, May 11, 2015

Versano Photography

About two  weeks ago I worked with David and Gabriela, the husband and wife team that make up Versano Photography.
They decided that Valley Forge National Park for the shoot and it was a gorgeous location. I have been reluctant to travel to locations that require driving over bridges as I have some strange fear of them. I realized this is cutting me off from some beautiful and fun places.

It was a chilly spring evening and we met for the shoot just as the sun was beginning to set, it made for some lovely lighting.
The park was huge with lots of rolling hills and there were lots of great locations. I switched shirts half way through the shoot. I've been modeling for awhile and have become quite skilled at changing clothes in public. I always say I'm going to buy a changing tent but never seem to get around to it.

The sky was overcast all day and I was afraid it was going to rain. It didn't and the clouds made the sky look so dramatic. 
 David and Gabriela were easy to work with and I was happy I pushed my bridge anxieties aside to shoot with them. Pennsylvania is a beautiful state and I love exploring Philadelphia (tons of record stores!)

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