Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Day in the Life.

 Last Wednesday I had the privilege of working with Thomas P. Woodward ( This was not a typical photo shoot, it was a sort of day in the life shoot and it was a lot of fun. The photographer was so nice and easy to work with.

Jeremy and I went to Haddonfield for a date day and Mr. Woodward followed us with his camera. I really love that he shot on film, as you'll see in the photos film gives the photos a sense of warmth.

                        We spent a bit looking through some of the photographer's photos.
I love to walk especially in towns that have a great main street. 

Jeremy and I outside the English Gardner Gift Shop. I always stop there when I go to Haddonfield to stock up on mushy peas and HP sauce.

Studying the shelves.
Trying to figure out what to buy, they have a huge selection. 

From there we went to The British Chip shop, they have the best fish and chips in the area. 

After lunch the shoot turned into, well, a typical photo shoot.

It's getting warm out and I was so glad I could wear my favorite 60s sun dress again, good bye winter! I am so impressed with how these photos turned out.

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