Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Swimsuit showcase!

We have reached the sticky days of Summer and I can't wait for the season to be over. I am not a summer person. I'm not the outdoor type, I can't play a sport to save my life and I don't eat meat so I'm a lot of fun at BBQs. I also used to dread wearing a swimsuit since most of the modern styles are way too skimpy and only look good on 1 percent of the population, I am not part of that percentage. This paragraph wins the award for most bitter blog opener by the way.

I now somewhat enjoy swimsuit season since I've started a vintage swimsuit collection. This summer I added two authentic vintage suits to my collection.

The first swimsuit belonged to my Mommom.
She told me it was one of her favorites and I can understand why. It's so comfortable and it has molded cups! If you've been reading my blog you know how fanatical I am with molded cups. They just add a whole different feel to the garment. When my Mom took the picture of Jeremy an I on the beach the wind was blowing and that's why he's squinting, that and the sun. He says I need to start getting better shots of him, I think he looks cute. We're just not beach, or sun people. The second one is just me hamming it up for the camera.

The next suit is an etsy purchase. I saw this adorable bikini and just had to have it. It's from Sears and it has held up well. However, it's not meant to be worn while playing on the slip and slide, I popped a seam that way. Anyway there aren't any molded cups but the top is stitched so the cups come out to a point. The photo was taken in the breezeway of the motel we were staying at.
I also have a thing for these sun glasses.

I don't feel confident when I wear modern style swimsuits so I don't. There is just something about the cut of vintage swimsuits that makes me feel amazing, I get a confidence boost just from putting one on. I don't care if I get weird looks, and I actually don't recall getting any while I was on vacation, because I feel that untouchable.

Keep on the lookout for more posts, I have a lot of interesting things to share.

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