Friday, September 12, 2014

A Romp in the Sheets

Two weeks ago I had a photo shoot with Curtis Scott Dunn Creative Projects (, please give his page a like.

We were inspired by Douglas Kirkland's photos of Marilyn Monroe. I've always loved his photos of her, She was wrapped in white sheets, the photos were softly focused and she looked as if she was laying on clouds.
Douglas Kirkland has written about his shoot with Marilyn, he wrote about how nervous he was. Could you imagine getting the chance to work with Marilyn Monroe?

I have been modeling for four years now and it's taken me those four years to gain the confidence to finally get some implied nudes in my portfolio, I had so much fun I am wondering why it took me so long. 

I was a little nervous when I got there. To me, a good photographer not only takes good photos but he will put the model at ease, thankfully I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of photographers that one can't help but to feel comfortable with. Curtis Dunn is one of them, by the end I was completely at ease and having a lot of fun. 

There are more photos from this shoot on my Facebook page ( Enjoy!

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