Monday, June 9, 2014

The Comedy of Rik Mayall

Today I learned of the death of Rik Mayall, a genius of comedy. One of my friends is mourning one of her heroes and I empathize with her, comedy actors have gotten me through a lot of things in my life especially dark things and I will always consider them heroes.

I started watching "The Young Ones" way after it was aired and my absolute favorite scene of the entire show was from the episode "Interesting" when Rick thought a tampon was a telescope with a mouse inside of it.

Here's the clip

I treasure comedians, they have helped me through some dark spots in my life, they've helped me even though I didn't know them. Laughter is important to make it through the day and it takes a truly talented person to make one laugh, I'm fortunate to have many heroes like that even though not all of them are still living. Fortunately, Rik Mayall left a huge body of work to be enjoined even though, sadly, he is no longer with us. I hope all of his fans pop in their favorite show or movie of his and enjoy his talent on this sad day. What is your favorite moment of Rik Mayall's career?

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  1. My favorite clip from The Young Ones would be when Rick not only ridicules Neil but then answers the door to find a door to door Jesus buddy.

    I just love how Rick tries to another this woman to no end. It seems like something I would do to an unexpected guest to get rid of them :)

    Well here is the clip: