Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vintage Treasures

Vintage clothing, accessories and knick knacks are special, and when they're handed down to they are all the more special. To me, this makes vintage way better than anything you can buy new.

I'm sure you can all remember your first vintage piece, wether it was a dress or a scarf or earrings, everyone remembers their first especially if it was a family heirloom.

My first vintage dress was a gold dress that was given to me by my Mommom. She told me it was her New Years Eve dress one year. I wore it on Christmas 2011 and since then I have lived for vintage!
I added a belt, you can see it better in the shot with my sister. 

In 2012, my Mommom gave me another beautiful dress which she said was her favorite. She told me she used to wear it so many times my Poppop told her she had better wear another dress out or people would think she only owned one dress. I wore it for Christmas 2012 

The dress has a full skirt and a beautiful rhinestone accent piece. 

I really wish I had a photos of my Mommom in the dresses but I don't think any exist. I would love to know how she accessorized the dresses and how they looked on her. 

Every antique, every vintage piece has a story and that's why it's so nice to collect them, one can preserve history. An object or a garment is more valuable when the owner hands it down to you and tells you the story and I am so lucky to be the recipient of so many of these things.

So, I want to know your stories! What was your first vintage or antique piece? What piece has the best story or is the most special to you? Don't hesitate to share. 

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  1. My first antiques were a bookcase and bed given to me by my grandmom. i had the bed for 12 years, it was my mom's. The bookcase i had for 20 years and miss it very much. I lost it in the derecho last year.