Monday, June 15, 2015

Let's be Natural

Way to go to those of you that spotted the title reference to the Rutles.

Last week I shot with Curtis Scott Dunn Creative Projects. I worked with him on this shoot ( last September and we had been talking about working together again and so we met last Tuesday.

This was my first nude shoot and we scouted out such a lovely location. It is finally Summer and the weather is absolutely beautiful. I had a lot of fun doing this shoot, it was a chance to do something I've been wanting to try artistically and did I mention how much fun it was!!

I was balancing on a rock in the middle of a river in these first three photos, we found the river at the end of the shoot.
 The first half of the shoot was deep in the woods. I wanted to style my hair and makeup very natural and hippie-ish. 

I also got to model some beautiful jewelery made by Nitjuan Designs ( Her pieces were absolutely gorgeous, especially the necklace I am wearing in the photo above. 

Last Tuesday was a gorgeous day, I got to model some gorgeous jewelery and reconnect with a photographer I've wanted to work with again. Plus, it was a new way to enjoy nature ;)


  1. Always a fantastic time working with you! This shoot was a lot of fun, even though we weren't actually all that far off the beaten path, and had to scramble a time or two when other folks wandered by. Can't wait to work on that other project we spoke of (no spoilers!)

  2. these are beautiful Megan you look amazing well done mr photographer classy artistic and natural...